The Bible From Memory

by Creation Museum on July 3, 2014

Tom Meyer

One of our most popular guest presenters, Tom Meyer, returns the week of July 21–25, 2014. Tom will be giving one presentation each afternoon, alternating between reciting Genesis 1–11 and the entire book of Revelation.

We affectionately call Tom the “Bible Memory Man.” The first time we encountered him was back in 2009 when AiG conducted a tour of Israel. During an evening program in Jerusalem, our group was mesmerized as he recited the entire book of Revelation from memory! Since then, he has spoken at the Creation Museum each of the past several years.

Tom is a member of Wordsower International Ministries with Jason Nightingale. Along with his wife and new baby, Tom travels extensively, reciting portions and entire books of Scripture to churches and other groups. He also teaches a class on memorizing Scripture at a Bible college in northern California and is the author of the book,“Oral Transmission in Judaism and Christianity: A Case for Memorization.

Take a look at the Creation Museum event calendar for more information. These special presentations are free with museum admission. You can also visit Tom's website to learn more about his ministry.