Enhanced Tour

by Creation Museum on May 24, 2014

Within the past few days, the Creation Museum has expanded its existing cell phone tour to include an enhanced tour. For years, we have had a cell phone tour for our botanical gardens, but now our guests can enjoy listening to the founder and CEO Ken Ham, as he describes in detail the various rooms and exhibits in the museum. In fact, you can even listen to this audio tour from your home by visiting the tour website! Soon we hope to be adding transcripts for the enjoyment of our deaf guests!

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So on your next visit, try out the cell phone tour, or better yet, scan the QR code with your smartphone and enhance your walk through the museum as Ken and other speakers like Dr. Menton describe what you are looking at! Then take a stroll in our gardens and find out the information on the gorgeous plants growing there. Even the petting zoo has its own audio tour!