The Amazing Hair

by Creation Museum on November 15, 2011
Hair shaft

One of Dr. David Menton’s most popular workshops at the Creation Museum is called “Beauty is Skin Deep.” In this voyage under the microscope, students discover some of the complexities of human skin, including the intricacies of the hair.

Did you know the human head has an estimated 100,000 hairs? This photo is a scanning electron micrograph of a human hair showing the uncut tip of the hair crossing over the main shaft. Shingle-like overlapping cuticle cells can be seen on the surface of the hair. The cuticle keeps the hair from snarling and locks the hair in the follicle so it’s not easily pulled out.

Learn more about this photo and the amazing hair that God has designed in this article from Answers Magazine. And be sure to visit our online events calendar to see when Dr. Menton’s next “Beauty is Skin Deep” workshop takes place at the Creation Museum.