Digging and Sowing

by Creation Museum on August 16, 2011

There’s been a lot of digging around the Creation Museum this summer! With the new observatory going up near the lake, and a couple of dinosaur digs under our belt, there are always new adventures going on around here.

I Dig Dinosaurs!

Our own paleo-artist, speaker, singer, and songwriter, Buddy Davis, is back from two successful digs in Montana and has a new DVD called I Dig Dinosaurs. During this 25-minute presentation, Buddy takes you along on an adventure to the Badlands of Montana.

This fast-paced DVD overflows with fun Bible-based dinosaur facts that kids (and adults) will love. Plus there’s a ton of bonus features, including a look inside Buddy’s dinosaur design studio, a peek at the mechanics that power the animatronic beasts at the Creation Museum, extra teaching about the creatures in the Creation Museum’s Dinosaur Den, and much more!

Here’s a sample of the DVD.

Order your copy of Buddy’s I Dig Dinosaurs DVD from our Online Bookstore today!

Wordsower Continues USA Tour

Tom Meyer

Several weeks ago, Tom Meyer with Wordsower Ministries, recited large passages of Scripture to Creation Museum audiences—including Genesis 1-11 and the entire book of Revelation from memory! If you’re in the Fergus Falls, Minnesota, or West Sacramento, California, areas, Tom will be in a church near you soon. To find out more about Tom’s ministry, visit his website at