Knee-high to a . . .

by Creation Museum on July 14, 2011

Buddy Davis and his team of excavators are in the middle of their Dinosaur Dig in Glendive, Montana. Along with the dig, the team has had the opportunity to tour the Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, which is a ministry of the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT).

Triceratops is a well known dinosaur. Many believe they were as plentiful as the bison that once roamed North America. They grew to be between 20 and 30 feet long. They are famous for the frill around their head. They have two brow horns above their eyes and a nose horn—hence their name. Some of the bones the team is excavating this week came from this herbivorous dinosaur.

Check out the museum’s knee-high exhibit featuring Buddy on a dig site!

Buddy’s the one eating a cookie on the right (he’s a cookie monster!).

For more photos and updates from the Dino Dig, check out Buddy’s Facebook page.

Caption the Photo

Today’s “Caption the Photo” picture is from one of our knee-high exhibits here at the Creation Museum. Caption this photo of Trike at our dig site.

The top vote-getter from Tuesday’s photo of the dragon reading a book in our Dragon Hall Bookstore was from Jim, who gave this caption. “Strange. . . I don’t feel 3.8 billion years old. . . .”

We look forward to reading your entries today! For information about the contest, check out Monday’s blog where you will find the rules and details.