June Snakes Alive Workshops

Black Milk Snakes to be Featured on Saturdays in June

by Creation Museum on May 31, 2011

During the popular Snakes Alive workshops, herpetologist Rick Teepen will introduce you to a variety of reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and an alligator. He also incorporates a strong Christian message into the program.

All of the animals used in the program are captive-bred. If you are interested in keeping a reptile as a pet, it should be captive-bred as well. From time to time, we will highlight one of these fascinating creatures that God created for us tot see, enjoy, and learn about.

Black Milk Snake

This month we will feature the Black Milk Snake (Lanpropeltis triangulum gaigeae). There are at least 25 known subspecies of milk snakes. Because they are often found in barns, it was once thought that they would suck milk from cows, but this of course is ridiculous.

This snake is native to Costa Rica and Panama. It is very common in the pet trade. It is the largest of the milk snakes. They can reach up to seven feet in length, and they have a docile disposition. In captivity they live about 20 years. They lay between three and 24 eggs. When they are born they have red, black, and white or yellow rings. As they mature they turn solid black.

Black milk snakes eat small mammals, birds and their eggs, fish, frogs, and other snakes. This is a much wider variety of food than the corn snake. Milk snakes are constrictors, and like all snakes, they must swallow their prey whole.

Black Milk Snake

Visit our website to learn more about Snakes Alive, and check the Creation Museum Events Calendar to get dates and times for this fascinating program. It will be offered on three different Saturdays in June, 2011.