Deaf Day 2010 is coming together!

by Creation Museum on August 31, 2010

We would like to invite Deaf and hard of hearing guests to enjoy the Creation Museum Deaf Day on September 6, 2010.  We have over twenty volunteers, including several interpreters, to serve during the event.  Jon Barr, president of Silent Word Ministries, will serve as one of our interpreters, along with his wife Diane, in one of our theaters. Jon and Diane visited the museum earlier this month and Jon spoke in our staff devotions in the morning.

We will have interpreters helping with ticket sales, along with volunteers who know sign language and who will be stationed in different areas of the museum, café, and theaters.  Throughout the afternoon, sign-language interpretation will be provided for our theater presentations of Men in White, The Last Adam, and Dinosaurs and Dragon Legends after 12:00 as well as Buddy Davis' 12:00 concert "Creation Musical Adventure." Live captioning will also be provided for the 3:00 presentation of “Is Genesis Relevant in Today’s World” by Steve Ham. Both Buddy Davis' exciting Creation Adventure Workshop and the After Their Kind workshop Birds of a Feather (separate ticket required for each) will be interpreted. We are offering Buy One Get One Free admission to Deaf guests and their immediate families for the day.  Many volunteers, including sign language interpreters as well as Deaf and hard of hearing people have joined our team for the Deaf Day.  We are excited about this opportunity to make it easy for the Deaf to enjoy the museum as fully as possible.