Dinosaur Dig: Pictures from the Field

by Creation Museum on July 29, 2010

A Report from the Field, by Creation Museum Registrar Stephanie McDorman

Fossil fig

Someone found a perfect fossil fig today. Figs, seeds, turtles, alligators, dinosaurs, sharks’ teeth and more are found in the Hell’s Creek formation. The combination is more easily explained by the flood of Noah’s day than by naturalistic assumptions.

Otis digging

Digging for dinosaur bones takes a light touch. Actually, Otis is just removing the overburden the “easy way.”

Kay and Buddy

Kay shows Buddy the tooth she found. She found 2 teeth and 2 garfish scales!

Plaster field jacket

Kellyn and Anastasia got to get their hands dirty making a plaster field jacket for their fossil. I think they liked it!

We hope you're enjoying following along with the Dinosaur Dig. Check back tomorrow to see what new pictures we have to share!