The Dinosaur Dig is officially underway!

by Creation Museum on July 27, 2010

A Report from the Field, by Creation Museum Registrar Stephanie McDorman

OK, we smiled for your photo, can we eat now?

The team of 21 is here in Glendive, Montana and ready to dig!  They have come from Michigan, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, Washington and Ontario.  Some have taken the “long way” (the family from Washington came here via Tennessee—they attended Defending the Faith 2010); some have made a road trip visiting the many amazing sites in this part of the world; and a few have just flown straight here for the dig.

Happy Birthday, Buddy

Some of our wonderful guests remembered Buddy’s birthday, so after a delicious dinner together, we enjoyed dessert #2—a surprise birthday cake.  Buddy then presented an excellent talk on Dinosaurs: Separating Fact from Fiction.  What an exciting reminder of how fossils—yes, even dinosaur fossils—confirm the true history book of the universe!

Dinosaurs: Separating Fact from Fiction

Otis Kline, Director of Foundation Advancing Creation Truth, gave an overview of what to expect on the dig, dig site etiquette, healthful tips, and more.  Starting Tuesday we have “school.”  Check out the blog again soon to find out how that goes!

Otis preps the team for the dig, showing some fossils to give us a preview of what we MIGHT find this week.

We appreciate your prayers for safety, growth, discovery and fellowship throughout this adventure.