Under the Stars

by Creation Museum on May 19, 2010

As a member of the Guest Services staff at the Creation Museum, I get the wonderful opportunity of serving at Stargazer’s Nights where Dr. Jason Lisle, our resident astrophysicist, shares his love and knowledge of the stars with guests (and fortunate staff members).  On clear nights we break out the telescopes and view actual astronomical features.  I will never forget my first view of Saturn and its rings.  I could even make out three of its moons!  I never get bored doing these programs because there’s something new to see every time.  (There are a lot of stars out there, you know!)  And even if it’s something that I’ve seen before, it’s still amazing to see God’s creation and realize all the power He has to have made the universe and keep it all under control!

If the sky is too overcast or cloudy to get a clear view of the stars, that’s okay.  Dr. Lisle can manipulate the computers in the planetarium to give an astonishing astronomy lesson.  He can even control time and take us back to the night skies of Adam or Noah.  Did you know that Noah had a north star, but that it wasn't Polaris, the current North Star?

At the most recent Stargazer’s Night clouds covered the sky and we had to do the indoors presentation.  I say “had” to, but I was really looking forward to it.  You see, the planetarium was recently upgraded with new high definition projectors and I hadn’t gotten to see how that changed the show.  And I had heard really good reports.

Now, as a member of Guest Services, I have seen the planetarium shows… a few times.  I always enjoy them.  I think that they are amazing, powerful shows that demonstrate God’s glory through His creation, but little did I know how much better they could be!

Let me tell you, I was amazed, astonished even!  In the words of Dr. Lisle it was “Awesome!”  As the Worlds of Creation show began the colors jumped out at me.  It almost appeared 3D!  I saw details that I had never seen before.  I hadn’t ever noticed an astronaut on the moon, but he was there, plain as day.  After the astronomy presentation, the night ended with a showing of The Created Cosmos.  A lot of the guests left at that point because they had already seen the show earlier in the day.  I settled into one of the reclining chairs to enjoy the show.  I found myself repeatedly saying, “Wow!” as I watched the show unfold.  I kept pointing out things that I’d never seen before to a co-worker next to me.  It was like I was seeing the show for the very first time.

If you’ve never been to one of our Stargazer’s Nights,  I encourage you to come.  You’re in for a treat.  If you’ve not seen any of our planetarium shows, or even if you have, I encourage you to come and sign up for one.  You’ll see God’s created universe in a whole new light…literally…thanks to our new updated HD projectors.  Praise God for providing them. The next Stargazer's Night will be Friday, June 11.  Tickets are only $14.95, but act quickly as seats are filling up quickly.  You can call Customer Service at 1-800-778-3390 to reserve your spot today.