The Mysterious World of Carnivorous Plants

by Creation Museum on April 2, 2010

Have you ever wondered why carnivorous plants eat insects?  Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if you were the size of an insect or small animal? What dangers would lie in brightly colored, fragrant perches? What might lie coiled below the foliage of an exotic plant?

This summer you'll have your chance to learn all about amazing carnivorous plants in the workshop Cursed Plants with Ron Dudek.  Do you know how flying creatures get lured into these traps, and why can’t they get out? Is this how God designed them or has something happened since Day 3 of creation, when God looked at all created plants and saw that they were all good? Learn the answers to these and other questions about plants that eat creatures. This is a fascinating journey into a mysterious realm where plants turn predator!

Our events calendar has details on all of the upcoming workshops like Cursed Plants.  Check it out along with all of the other programs offered under the After their Kind banner like Snakes Alive and Birds of a Feather.  The first showings of Cursed Plants this summer will be on April 9 and 10.