Answers for Teachers

by Creation Museum on March 8, 2010

The Creation Museum just held its second “Answers for Teachers” seminar at the end of February, and it was well attended with 66 teachers.  At this one-day seminar, educators dive into a crash course on the relevance of Genesis, compromise positions, scientific topics, and how to incorporate these topics into their curricula.

The teachers began the day with a planetarium show, followed by a guided instructional tour of the museum.  By 10:30, they were seated in the Discovery Hall, ready to hear Dr. Georgia Purdom speak about the relevance of Genesis.  Dr. Purdom shows how the events in Genesis are foundational to the Christian faith, and an attack on Genesis is an attack on the whole Bible.  Continuing their day on the other side of the classroom, the teachers then listened as Dr. Jason Lisle taught them how to defend creation with the “ultimate proof.”

The group then enjoyed a much-needed lunch break, with Chick-fil-A on the menu.  Lunch was followed by viewing the exciting Men in White special effects program—a great way to wake up after a good meal!

Roger Patterson, experienced teacher and author of Evolution Exposed: Biology and Evolution Exposed: Earth Science then led the teachers through a framework for integrating biblical history into their curricula.  This course is not just for science or Bible teachers—teachers of all subjects need to be equipped to stand on God’s Word and make true biblical history part of the learning process.

What about dinosaurs?  Bodie Hodge provided the last lecture of the day, giving solid answers to the many questions people have about dinosaurs and the Bible.

The jam-packed day was wrapped up by 4:30, and the teachers were sent off with a bag full of resources to help them take what they had learned back to their own classrooms.

We were thrilled to receive this report from one of our area reps, on the effect the first seminar had on a large Christian school in Indianapolis:

HCS is the largest Christian School in the Indianapolis area – with well over 1500 students, grades k-12.

Three High School Teachers from Heritage Christian School came to “Answers for Teachers” on Friday, January 22.  Less than a week after their return, one of them, a science teacher, e-mailed me and asked if there would be a way for him to get some of the graphics from the presentations at the teachers’ conference.

What he wanted to do was make a presentation about Biblical application of the 7 C’s of History to the high school staff at Heritage.

Georgia Purdom, Roger Patterson, Jason Lisle, and Bodie Hodge were all too happy to help!  Georgia even sent her entire PowerPoint slide program via e-mail.

I contacted the teacher and asked if it would be alright if I came up and just sat though the presentation.  He was happy to accommodate me.

That afternoon, Feb. 12, I took a seat in the back of the school library, as the teachers were in the middle of an In-service training day.  Two of the teachers gave a wonderful summary of “Answers for Teachers” and their experience at the Creation Museum.  They went through the 7C’s – and challenged their colleagues to break into groups and to see how they could implement learning experiences on as many of the 7 C’s as possible.

It was very rewarding watching the teachers work together and come up with ways that they could implement Biblical history into their daily routine.  This is all teachers – not just history, Bible, and science teachers.

I was curious as to what the math teachers would come up with.  They, of course, talked about math, like creation, being in perfect harmony – everything in balance, etc.

As far as CORRUPTION – they discussed how people can fall into sin by the use of numbers and mathematics.  Income tax cheats, and embezzlement are but a few examples.

At the end of the presentation, the teacher thanked me for coming and told me how rewarding the seminar was for them – and that many other teachers from Heritage need to come to “Answers For Teachers”.

What’s more – the school librarian, who also took part in the training – just purchased a Kids’ Answers Library Pack AND a Teen-Adult Library pack for both their elementary and secondary libraries!