Musical Concert with Benny Prasad

by Creation Museum on November 18, 2009
Dr. Benny Prasad says, "If I could be made useful, any one in this world can. If my dreams can come true, yours can too. My sin and shame has been exchanged for righteousness and new life by the Almighty God who died to set me free. For those with no hope, there is more to life than what today holds. I thank God that I did not end my life but rather chose to live through shame and failure so that today I'm able to be a blessing to the World. Remember, you are never too bad or sinful for God to redeem and transform."

You can hear this acclaimed Indian Musician at the Creation Museum on Saturday and Sunday, November 21 and 22. In his concerts Benny performs about 5 various styled instrumentals and in between each piece he shares his life experiences. It is half music and half sharing his experiences. This method has been very fruitful and effective in ministering to the audience. Benny's heart is to impact the lives of his audience more than to simply entertain them. In pursuit of this goal he has traveled the world, including more than 218 countries to become the most traveled Indian musician.

Creation Museum founder and president Ken Ham met Dr. Prasad earlier this year at an Answers in Genesis event in New Jersey. Ken was so impressed with his music that he invited Dr. Prasad to perform at the museum. These concerts take place at 12:00 and 5:00 on Saturday, November 21 and 3:00 on Sunday, November 22. Admission is free with any admission to the Creation Museum, just remember that seating is first come, first served.