World's Strongest Juggler

by Creation Museum on November 17, 2009
Juggler Bob

Thanksgiving weekend you can join us for an exciting time with world-renowned juggler Bob Whitcomb. Bob earned his title as the World’s Strongest Juggler by juggling a world record 3-16 pound bowling balls for 62 catches! His show has taken him on three European tours, two performances at the White House, the Pentagon and now the Creation Museum!

Families and guests of all ages will thrill as he mixes comedy and juggling with music and audience involvement that is sure to delight everyone.

For more than thirty years, Juggler Bob has entertained audiences internationally and even won top honors in the International Jugglers Association’s competition. Getting an early start as a young boy, Bob loved performing magic for friends and neighbors. He then took a course in juggling and it has led him into a remarkable career. To learn more about Bob please visit his website at

The cost for these fun performances is only $2.50. Your family won’t soon forget this amazing show.