Cross Country Fun

by Creation Museum on August 31, 2009

Seventeen students from at least three schools showed up for the Cross Country Run this past Saturday. It was a strong showing for what was only the second cross country run ever held at the Creation Museum!

The day was wonderful for a run. The establishment of the course represents an unofficial partnership with KCAA (the Kentucky Christian Athletic Association) as the Creation Museum provides a location for their schools (see the KCAA page here), and other students, to run a challenging cross country course!


Registration concluded shortly after 11:00 and Dan Mangus (Senior Director of the Creation Museum) took some time to explain the course to the runners. The trail twists and turns all over the Museum's spacious property as it traverses sun and shade to go over the river and through the woods. It is a challenging course that has been rated as a nine out of ten by experienced runners. At 11:30 the runners were off down the road and on their way through five kilometers of sweat and exercise.

They're off!

They're off!



This hill is one of the steepest parts of the trail and has been named "Mount Mangus." Runners are doing quite well if they can run up the entirety of the slope. (This picture only shows the latter, more level, part of the slope)

Coming up Mount Mangus

Coming up Mount Mangus

Shortly before noon the first runners began to cross the finish line. Congratulations are in order to all of the runners as each one of them was able to complete the course. The current student 5K course record (from the April 24 race) is just over 23 minutes.

The first runner to complete the 3K was Brandon D. with a time of 20:02.


The top 5K finisher was Eric H. with a time of 24:02.


Several of these students told us that they would be back for the next race. Other students are welcome to join them on September 19. The race is open to public, private, and home-schooled students in grades 7-12. If you'd like to run, you can come out on that Saturday--just make sure to check in by 11:00.