Fog, Fog, Everywhere

by Creation Museum on August 25, 2009

This morning the grounds of the Creation Museum were blanketed by a thick layer of fog.


Saltasaurus in the mist!


Familiar structures like the gazebo were barely visible.


The boardwalk seems to vanish into the mist.


The giraffe still stands over the Petting Zoo.


The pergola is striking in many different situations and is very frequently photographed.


The T-Rex topiary appears to stalk the gardens amid the fog.

Floating Bridge

The floating bridge looks to be in the middle of nowhere.

Fog Burns Off

Finally the sun did begin to burn off the fog...

Make sure you visit the Botanical Gardens the next time you visit the Creation Museum. You may be treated to a rare sight like this foggy day, a myriad of flowers in the spring, the lush rainforest area in the summer, or in the Christmas season you'll be treated to an amazing display of lights.