New Friday Hours

by Creation Museum on August 24, 2009

Starting last March the Creation Museum began an experiment with extended Friday hours. Since that time we have been been open until 9:00 on Fridays, instead of the 6:00 close that is standard for every other day of the week. In the last year we have taken advantage of the extended hours to welcome additional guests into the museum and to run many special programs. During this busy summer we saw many people frequenting the Museum on Fridays. With the coming of Fall however, we will be temporarily rolling back the late hours.

From October through February the Creation Museum will be open until 6:00 on Friday evenings. Starting in March we will resume extended hours for the spring and summer of 2010. Just because we won't be open as late doesn't mean that we won't have as much going on. Keep an eye on our events calendar for news of upcoming speakers, workshops, and other special programs.