When should I visit?

by Creation Museum on July 23, 2009

Many guests want to know the best day to visit the Creation Museum. When guests ask this question they will hear that the Museum is busiest when school is out of session and people have more time to visit. They will discover that Saturdays are by far our busiest days during the week. But what is the day with the fewest people? Well normally staff would reply "Wednesday" without any hesitation. Falling in the middle of the week it is usually the lightest day. But not this week!

As Ken Ham has related, Answers in Genesis is holding Creation College 3 this week, and on Tuesday evening he spoke to the Freewill Baptist Youth Conference. Well people from both conferences came out in droves on Wednesday! It was the busiest day this week and actually our busiest Wednesday ever since the Museum opened.

We praise the Lord for such amazing days, though they don't happen every week. When you visit in the future, feel free to stop by on Wednesday, it should be the slowest day.