by Creation Museum on July 20, 2009

Have you ever wondered what can be found in a drop of water? In the exciting Microscarium presentation (part of the Discover the Truth workshop series sponsored by Cedarville University) you can enter the world of the microscopic with the intrepid Dr. Menton. Using a high powered phase contrast microscope and a camera to project what is seen in the microscope onto a large screen Dr. Menton will take you along on an amazing journey.

You will travel through a landscape filled with ferocious looking creatures that move rapidly through the dense jungle of the living world that is their home, hunting for something to eat. From single celled protozoa (that accomplish many of the same functions that humans do with 30 trillion cells) to the more complicated creatures sucking in anything that comes near them, you will be thrilled with this trip through the wondrous [and sometimes a bit scary] micro-world created by our awesome Creator God. Dr. Menton, with his lively sense of humor, will demonstrate that these creatures, which evolutionists call “simple” one celled creatures, are actually extremely complex, proving the fact that we have an amazing Creator. There is no way these intricate organisms just happened by chance.

Tickets for this amazing program are just $4 and you can participate in the next Microscarium workshop this Friday at 3:00. So come on out to the Creation Museum on Friday and experience the Microscarium!