New Audio Tour for the Petting Zoo

by Creation Museum on July 10, 2009

The next time you come to the Creation Museum, bring your cell phone to the petting zoo! You can use it to learn about the animals in the zoo with our cell phone tour. You will see small signs posted on some of the animal pens with the tour phone number and a prompt number. Just call and enter that prompt, and you can learn about the animals in that pen. It’s free, fun and informative!

You can listen from anywhere, but the tour will make the most sense if you’re actually looking at the animals while listening. The number is 859-394-6048, and you can enter stop numbers 1 through 4. Please leave your comments by pressing *0 and letting us know what you think.

The cell phone tour is on a trial basis and is currently available through July 31st, so hurry to the Museum and check it out!