Partnership with Cedarville University

by Creation Museum on July 8, 2009

When you visit the Creation Museum you will discover a number of teaching workshops available each week. Recognizing the important teaching aspects of these workshops Cedarville University is partnering with the Creation Museum. Currently the workshops include Discover the Truth with Dr. David Menton, featuring such programs as OsteoBlast!, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, God Didn't Make any Apemen, Microscarium, Evolution, Not a Chance, Formed to Fly, and The Hearing Ear and Seeing Eye. Buddy Davis's Creation Adventure Workshop It's Designed to Do What it Does Do is featured along with the Fun with Fossils workshop from our Answers for Kids series.

In addition to the workshops, Cedarville University is also partnering with the museum for our Stargazer’s Nights. In addition to supporting our education series, Cedarville will also have the opportunity for some of their faculty to teach workshops in the museum throughout the year. We’re proud to be working with Cedarville University to inspire greatness in our visitors and supporters.