Snakes are Here for the Summer

by Creation Museum on June 6, 2009

Have you had a chance to experience one of our popular Snakes Alive workshops? Local herpetologist Rick Teepen leads these ever popular programs, looking at reptiles from God's perspective. If you've seen a snake but never leaned in for a closer look this time is a fascinating eye opener. We hold these programs throughout the year at the Creation Museum, but look for many sessions coming up during our busy summer season.

Snakes Alive Snakes Alive

Using a dozen snakes and lizards, Rick will explain why certain animals have certain characteristics and how they fit into God's plan for the world and display features that could only be created by an intelligent, creative designer...God. Check our events calendar for the exact dates all summer long. And don't forget to bring your camera when you see the show because you'll have an opportunity to have your own photograph posing with a live snake!

Snakes Alive