Community Outreach Drawing Closer

by Creation Museum on June 4, 2009

You may remember reading about our upcoming blood drive in this space last month. Our June 26 Blood Drive is meant as an outreach to the community, a way of helping the entire Tri-State region by partnering with the Hoxworth Blood Center. We hope that you will consider participating in this life saving program.

The Hoxworth Blood Center will be bringing a truck to the Creation Museum on June 26th. The Center plays a vital part in providing this resource to our community. They are the sole supplier of blood to 32 hospitals in 17 local counties. Locally, we need approximately 350 individuals to donate blood and 40 platelet donors each day in order to maintain a safe and adequate blood supply.

Please consider if you would aid this effort to save lives. If you have questions about your ability to donate, see more information here.

To register for this specific drive at the Creation Museum click here for easy on-line registration. You can also call our Customer Service department at 1-800-778-3390 for assistance. The Blood Drive will take place on June 26, 2009 from the Museum opening at 10:00 until 3:00.

Please help us by preregistering so that we can be ready for everyone willing to donate. Your blood can give life to people you know and people you will never meet, allowing you to leave with the satisfaction of knowing that you are a lifesaver. And don't forget that June 26 is a Friday, when the Creation Museum will be open until 9:00 in the evening. You can participate in a workshop, see special speakers, or even gaze up at the heavens during the evening's Stargazer's Night program! Check out our events calendar to see everything that is happening and during your visit we hope that you will join us by being one of those special people donating about an hour of your time and a pint of your blood.