700,000 Guests in less than Two Years

by Creation Museum on May 2, 2009

The Creation Museum is pleased to announce the arrival of our 700,000th guest on Saturday, May 2. Shortly before eleven Dave and Colleen Bishop of Grand Rapids, Michigan arrived at the Creation Museum with their granddaughter Katelyn.

700,000th guests!

700,000th guests!

To commemorate this special day, the family was greeted by Ken Ham, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis. They even had the opportunity to pose for a picture with Ken and his wife Mally.

The Bishop family was presented with complimentary admission and planetarium tickets as well as a free Creation Museum Souvenir Guide and lunch in the beautiful Noah's Café.

This momentous milestone of 700,000 guests comes just three and a half weeks before the second anniversary of the opening of the 70,000 square foot Creation Museum. We hope that you and your family will come and join the thousands of people who have visited and continue to visit the Creation Museum, located just minutes from downtown Cincinnati.

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