Dinosaur Dig in 2010

by Creation Museum on April 30, 2009

If you’ve been hankering for a chance to help dig a real dinosaur skeleton out of the ground, we may have just the opportunity for you! We are teaming up with Otis Kline of Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT) to provide our friends with the chance to take part in a professional, scientific dig in the summer of 2010.

Join Buddy Davis in Glendive, Montana for the experience of a lifetime. We will be excavating Triceratops bones, and we might also find some other remains such as crocodile scutes, broken T. rex teeth, and raptor and duckbill dinosaur bones. All tools and equipment will be provided, as well as instruction and supervision so that everyone can learn proper techniques.

The dig site is just about 5 miles from Glendive. At the end of each day out in the field, we’ll head back to the hotel to clean up and enjoy dinner together. After dinner, Buddy will teach the small group more about fossils, dinosaurs, and the flood. Maybe he’ll even lead us in a few songs!

We’ll also take time during the week to check out a brand new creation-based museum—the Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, which opens soon. The Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT), under the direction of Otis Kline, is currently putting the finishing touches on this superb 20,000 sq. ft. museum filled with dinosaur skeletons.

We don’t have a date to announce yet, but here’s how the week will go. We’ll meet up in Glendive on a Monday afternoon and dig from Tuesday through Thursday or Friday. You can make it into a week or 10-day vacation with a geology theme by tacking on a trip (on your own) to the Black Hills, Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, each less than five hours from Glendive by car.

Watch our website for an announcement of the dates for this event. We can only take about 20 people, so you’ll need to sign up quickly! If you want to be notified by email as the details of the project are finalized, or if you have questions, let us know by filling out this form.