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New Arrival is Hopping Around

by Creation Museum on February 19, 2009

The newest member of our Petting Zoo family is a creature that does not walk, run or fly. Its preferred method of movement is to hop or jump from place to place. It’s a "Bennett's Wallaby". Wally the wallaby arrived at the Creation Museum Petting Zoo on Wednesday, February 18, and took up residence in a pen neighboring the pot bellied pig, Woody.


Bennett's Wallabies are about thirty-six inches high when fully grown. Wally is only a year old, so he is not quite full grown and is only about two feet high. When he is full grown he may weigh as much as fifty pounds, but for now he is only about twenty pounds.


Being a naturally shy creature, Wally has been given a generous sized pen and some sunning rocks, along with lots of fresh deep straw to sleep in. However, within about twenty minutes of his arrival to his new home, Wally was already hopping around and exploring, and even came close enough to greet a few of the Petting Zoo staff. One of our hopes is that he will be acclimated to his new home quickly and become another team member in illustrating to our guests the wonderful variety within God’s great creation.

Another hope that we have is that within a month or two, Wally may be joined by his younger sibling, who is still living in his mother’s pouch. When it is old enough to leave, perhaps he too will help share the message of the uniqueness of all of God’s creatures.

Article and pictures by Amanda Ketron