The stars were out Thursday night!

by Creation Museum on January 24, 2009

We were blessed with a beautiful, clear evening for the Stargazing Night last Thursday. Guests who signed up for the event saw more than just stars through the big 10” and 12” telescopes. Dr. Jason Lisle was able to set the sights on planets, nebulae, and more to get a closer look at how the heavens declare the glory of God (Psalms 19), which was the theme for the evening.

Venus in the west, in a crescent phase, was strikingly large and bright. Close by Venus, Uranus was actually easy to find on this clear night—a little blue speck that is sometimes difficult to locate.

They also viewed the Great Orion Nebula and its Trapezium of 4 viewable stars. Dr. Lisle also sited several open star clusters for the group to see, including Pleiades, which is mentioned in the Bible. Gamma Andromedae was visible, as well as the supernova remnant famously known as the Crab Nebula.

After roughly three hours of stargazing, hot cocoa, and learning about the heavens, the attendees headed home with an even greater appreciation for God’s handiwork of Day 4 of creation.

Keep an eye on our online Event Calendar for announcements for the next Stargazing event!