Stargazer Night, Thursday, January 22

by Creation Museum on January 15, 2009

Come to the Creation Museum for an after-hours stargazing event exploring some of God’s most amazing stellar creations. This popular program will begin at 6:00 with Answers in Genesis astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle, giving a devotion and includes a planetarium showing of the Worlds of Creation. Then Dr. Lisle will lead an exciting journey through the stars, examining the planets, moons, and their motions on an adventure through the night sky using the digital projector and domed ceiling of our Stargazer's Planetarium.

Stargazer Event

Do be prepared for the possibility of clear weather and bring heavy jackets and hats. If the skies are clear you will be able to venture outside and view stars, globular star clusters, nebulae, and more through our three powerful telescopes. This will be a one-of-a-kind journey through the cosmos that you will thoroughly enjoy and not soon forget. The cost for this event is $24.95 per person ($19.95 for members) and is limited to 78 people. To register, please call 888-582-4253 option 4 or call (800) 778-3390.