Christmas Dinner at the Creation Museum-December 19, 2008

by Creation Museum on November 18, 2008

Begin a wonderful holiday tradition for your family by dining with us at 6:30 p.m. on December 19 at our beautiful Christmas Feast.

Served in the newly designed King’s Palace Dining Halls, the buffet will be imbued with holiday colors, lights, and sounds. As your family enjoys the fine meal and conversation you will be blessed with the beautiful décor.

Follow this with a journey on the Road to Bethlehem as our actors re-create for you a live experience as you journey through our lighted garden to that precious stable in Bethlehem.

You will want to return with friends and family to make the journey and to enjoy that quiet moment of encounter where you will contemplate, perhaps with new meaning, the great gift of Christmas.

Afterward, you are invited to be our guests at a Christmas Concert as nationally renowned guitarist Ray Cummins joins sculptor/ composer/recording artist Buddy Davis in bringing you a memorable performance of Christmas melodies in our Special Effects Theater.

Cost is $30 per person. Reservation deadline is December 1 at 4:00 p.m. Call today for your reservations at 800-778-3390.


Come and enjoy national recording artist, Ray Cummins, described by Al Hirt as “the greatest guitarist I ever heard,” as he teams up with recording artist-writer-sculptor Buddy Davis to present a lively concert of Christmas songs at the Creation Museum.

You’ll love the holiday mood highlighted by their renderings of old favorites as well as some of Buddy’s new Christmas originals.

Creation Museum tickets are included in the price of the December 19 Christmas Feast and are also available separately for all three concerts by calling our reservation number: 800-778-3390.

Series schedule: December 12 8:45 p.m. December 19 8:45 p.m. December 26 8:00 p.m.