Perfect Timing

by Creation Museum on October 21, 2008

Sometimes God meets our needs before we even know they exist. This type of thing seems to happen frequently around the Creation Museum. My husband and I run the souvenir photo booth at the museum and we do other creative photography for the ministry in our spare time.

Marty and Deb

A growing ministry always needs new and better photographs for publications and such. Our cameras are getting old, so about a year ago, I put a request on the AiG website’s "Ministry Needs" list for a pro level digital camera. Last week I received a phone call from a studio owner who wanted to donate a very nice camera. I was thrilled, but it wasn’t until the next day that I really recognized the hand of God because my old camera finally broke! The request for the new camera was on the board for a whole year, and my old camera worked fine until just days before the new camera arrived. I knew God cares about everything in our lives but this just brought that fact home to me. He even supplies cameras.

Written by Deb from the FotoFX team here at the Creation Museum