Microscarium at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on October 12, 2008

As we always say, you never know what you are going to find at the Creation Museum! Dr. David Menton is on staff here at the Creation Museum, and you never quite know when he is going to show up with his rolling cart filled with all kinds of things. Most of his lectures are scheduled, of course, like the “Microscarium” presentation that was held today in Discovery Hall.

Thanks to a group of supporters, we were able to purchase a high powered phase contrast microscope with a camera that allows people to see what Dr. Menton sees in the microscope by projecting the image onto a large screen. It’s almost kind of scary to see what lives in just a single drop of water taken right out of our own pond on Museum grounds. Dr. Menton had just about a full house recently at his workshop, and people were amazed to see these tiny microscopic creatures race around and dart in and out.

Dr. Menton, with his lively sense of humor, explains that these creatures, which evolutionists call “simple” one celled creatures, are actually extremely complex, proving the fact that we have an amazing Creator. There is no way these intricate organisms just happened by chance.

These photos are of Dr. Menton doing a presentation for our guest services staff, and he will be doing this same “Skeleton Skills” workshop during our October Days of Discovery: Monday October 13, as well as October 24 and 31st. The other photo is of a group that arrived at the Museum shortly after Dr. Menton finished with the guest service staff, and he was glad to do an impromptu presentation for the group, who were absolutely enthralled.

This is just one of the many pleasant surprises you’ll find every day here at the Creation Museum.