"Let the Rain Come" Live Drama-Week of the Creation Celebration

by Creation Museum on May 6, 2008

Let the Rain Come is the Creation Museum’s newest live drama. Complete with state-of-the-art special effects, refreshing music, and some surprises, your entire family will gain understanding and catch a glimpse of Noah’s incredible journey—from his obedience in building the Ark to the reality of a global flood. Children might even be asked to come on stage and help with a few songs!

Noah and his wife invite you to come aboard the enormous vessel where you’ll find answers to questions like: How can we know today that there really was a global Flood? How did Noah fit all the animals on board? Were there dinosaurs on board the Ark?

Let the Rain Come premieres during the Creation Celebration—our first anniversary, which begins Memorial Day weekend. Opening night will be Friday, May 23, when guests will be able to purchase the Premiere Package, which includes admission to the theater (6:30 p.m. or 7:45 p.m.), a FotoFX portrait placing you and your family on the Ark, a special dessert in the Botanical Garden Pavilion, and a souvenir that will be sure to appeal to children of all ages. Encore performances will be shown throughout the week of the Creation Celebration.

Premiere Package

* Child Price: $10.00 * Adult Price: $15.00

Encore Performances

* Child Price: $5.00 * Adult Price: $7.50

As a grand finale to our Premiere presentation on Friday, May 23, museum guests will enjoy an incredible fireworks display over the lake. Call (800) 778-3390 to reserve your tickets today!

Creation Celebration

Be sure to keep an eye on our web calendar—where you’ll find a calendar of the exciting activities we’re preparing for your family during our Creation Celebration, May 23-June 8. There will be a new petting zoo, hot air balloon rides, Paint the Dinosaur, and great new food selections on the grounds.

More about Let the Rain Come

Noah is played by the lovable and multi-talented singer/songwriter Buddy Davis. Buddy’s new songs, written especially for the drama, will be available for purchase at the Creation Museum.

Let the Rain Come is co-written by author and actress Geri Campbell (playing Mrs. Noah), whose work, The Story of Gomer, was the first live theater presentation at the museum.