Museum Tour—Ark Exhibit Room

by Creation Museum on October 25, 2007

Today we are ready to enter the ark exhibit room. Walking down the ramp we get the feeling of walking inside Noah’s Ark. Wood walls surround us and displays are all around showing the ark being built and loaded, the ark on the water before everything was covered and what the inside of the ark could have been like.

Ark Cross Section

A computer animated feature depicting the ark event is shown on a large screen among the displays. This video was created in-house by our talented staff. There are ark models with hand sculpted and painted figurines with all the trimmings to scale. The middle of the room has a table and chairs with a puzzle for children to play with.

Family Puzzle Table

Two of the last exhibits shown depict the ark resting and the waters receeding off the earth, plus a life-size model of what the animal pens could have been like. As visitors exit the ark room they will see Noah’s family after leaving the Ark. Noah built an altar to the Lord, sacrificing one of each of the clean animals. The Lord saw the sacrifice, and promised never to flood the entire earth again. The sign of this promise is the rainbow. Come and visit us at the Creation Museum and experience this extra-ordinary event from history.

Pre-Flood Sacrifice