Museum Tour—Corruption Valley

by Creation Museum on October 3, 2007

Today, we continue our walk through of the Creation Museum...

As we leave Adam and Eve relaxing in the pond we enter a tunnel that is mysteriously dark. This is Corruption Valley, where the serpent is viewed and Eve is seen giving the forbidden fruit to Adam.

Exhibit Sharing Fruit

Sin has entered the world through their decision to disobey God and believe the lie that Satan suggested—"Did God really say that?" Walking further we see the first sacrifice where God used an animal to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness—a type of the lamb to come as a sacrifice for our sins.

First Sacrifice

Animals begin to eat meat and kill each other for meat as we see the raptor and his meal. Continuing further, we come upon Adam and Eve as they till the ground for raising crops for food with their children.

Raptor Grand Opening

All this has come about because of sin entering the world. The world will never be the same because of that disobedience.

We have heard from numerous visitors that just going through the museum has changed their own way of thinking. What an experience it is here and hopefully you will not be the same for seeing the world through Biblical eyes. Come and enjoy the experience here with us.