Museum Tour—Creation Walk (Part 2)

by Creation Museum on September 18, 2007

Last Monday we saw Adam created and the naming of the animals in the garden. As we leave Adam we turn to view a dinosaur eating plants under the huge canopy of the Tree of Life. Flowers and foliage are to be seen everywhere and among them we see the creation of Eve. Walking past the Tree of Life we see a beautiful hand painted mural of Adam and Eve in the garden.

Exhibit Exhibit Exhibit Exhibit

Did you know that the Tree of Life is dressed with over 25,000 hand painted magnolia leaves, blossoms and fruit? Walking under an arched bridge brings us out into an area where flowing waterfalls and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil grows. Here we see Adam and Eve enjoying each other's company in a lily pond with waterfalls and scenic vistas all around, while the serpent craftily looks on. This was probably one of the last perfect days they were to have in the garden, as soon everything was to change drastically.

Adam & Eve Adam & Eve

Check back with us again next week as we continue our tour of the Creation Museum.