Museum Tour—Creation Walk

by Creation Museum on September 10, 2007

As we leave the Wonders Room we are ready to enter the Creation Walk. When we enter we are greeted by pairs of animals on either side, and ahead of us sits Adam as he names the “kinds” of animals that God has put in the garden.


Much work went into the creation of all the kinds and how they would look. The artists tried to represent each parent animal with as much scientific accuracy as possible, making them beautiful and unique, so people may not immediately recognize them as an animal they see today.

Museum Museum

Part of the process was to have meetings with a team of scientists to get the correct look of the animals and settings for the scene. This has not been an easy task and the artists have had to change and rethink many things along the way. With its lush foliage, beautiful scenery and unique animals this exhibit is one of the most lavish but it still doesn’t even come close to what God did in the real garden—we can only imagine what it must have been like.

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All the effort, thought and work that went into this exhibit will make it one of the exciting experiences on the creation walk tour. Get your tickets to the Creation Museum today!