Museum Tour—Grafitti Alley

by Creation Museum on August 21, 2007

Today, we continue our tour of the Creation Museum. Last week, we visited the Biblical Authority Room.


As you leave the Biblical Authority Room you enter Graffiti Alley - where you are greeted by a variety of headlines showing how society has gone awry in our world after the Bible lost its place in the public square. Walking through the alley shows garbage strewn around with spray painted walls, "XXX" neon signs, and a mouse watching you as you walk past the old garage door. When you turn the last corner you are greeted by a sign that says, “Today, man decides truth,” which takes you into the Culture in Crisis room.

Museum Museum Museum

As you enter this room you will see how a typical home has been undermined by the influence of the “millions of years” attacking the foundation of the church. A crack, spreading from the church that has compromised its teaching, is shown traveling across to the home. Videos playing in the windows of the home allow the guests to see into how this has affected the family. The same creationist paleontologist from the dig site is seen standing in front of the church with a wheelbarrow of bricks ready to repair the foundation of the church.

Museum Museum

This room prepares the visitor for the trip back in time through the Time Tunnel and into the 6-Day Theater, which will be our next stop as we travel through the Creation Museum.


Thanks for stopping by. Join us again as we continue our walk-through of the Creation Museum.