Creation Museum Botanical Gardens

by Creation Museum on August 16, 2007

One of the more beautiful areas of the Museum are the gardens surrounding the buildings.

Butterfly Gardens

The grounds crew have been working diligently during the drought we have had this summer to try to keep the gardens looking their best. The Botanical Walk through the grounds will first take you over the Floating Bridge and through the Carnivorous Bog Garden. From the Bog the trail meanders over to the Pavilions where you can enjoy a picnic lunch in God’s beautiful creation, or continue the walk into the Rainforest with brilliant flowers, stately bamboo and a wondrous variety of foliage. The passage through the Rainforest takes you over the Arched Bridge, past the Crane Island to the Pergola where a watchful doe and her fawns stand alert at the waters edge.

Bog August Gardens

This wildlife bronze art was graciously donated to the grounds to add to the Botanical Walk experience. From the statue the trails will take you around the Butterfly/Hummingbird gardens, past the main waterfall and Suspension Bridge and up to the Fountain Courtyard between the Pavilions.


This trail will circle the waterfall bringing you back to the doe and her fawns where the trail continues over the Boardwalk, around to the Gazebo and over to the Museum side of the lake. From the Gazebo it is a short walk back to Noah’s Café where refreshments and snacks await you. The Butterfly and other gardens are not yet complete as we are waiting on the Lord for funds to finish this and other areas. Tim Schmitt, Director of Grounds, has numerous ideas for making the Museum grounds and the gardens a real showcase with plans to eventually add a Woodland Garden as donations are received.

Bronze Deer