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Museum Tour—Biblical Authority Room

by Creation Museum on August 14, 2007

Today, we continue our tour of the Creation Museum by visiting the Biblical Authority room.

As you enter the room, you see two children. One asks, "Why start with the Bible?" The other replies, "Come, let me show you." The Biblical Authority room answers that question and many more.

Biblical Authority Room

Here you will find truths declaring that the Bible is true and supported by fulfillment of hundreds of prophecies and archaeology, watch an inspirational video of numerous people reading selected passages of Scripture that testify to the truths of God and His Word, see three key figures from the Old Testament, (Moses, David & Isaiah), each testify to the truth of God’s Word. You will also see Peter and John standing next to the empty tomb and Paul at his desk in prison, writing one of his epistles.

Biblical Authority Room Biblical Authority Room

A large wall panel gives an impressive account of how God’s Word has been attacked over and over, but has withstood every attack.

Biblical Authority Room Biblical Authority Room

Exhibits display a medieval Greek New Testament and a Torah that is several hundred years old, plus other old and rare displays. A replica of the Gutenberg press is also on display. The Gutenberg Press was one of the instruments used to fulfill Christ’s claim that His Word would be spread to the ends of the earth. A timeline depicts some of the key people in the past 400 years who opened the door to questioning and finally abandoning God’s Word. In this room the exhibit starts with Martin Luther who stood firmly on Scripture, and descends to Charles Templeton, an evangelist who later renounced his faith and wrote a book against God.

Biblical Authority Room

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you here at the Creation Museum!