Museum Comments - "Raves and One Raving"

by Creation Museum on June 12, 2007

Since the opening of the Creation Museum (and even well before), we have received quite a bit of feedback from visitors, local officials, and the media. Many of you have expressed interest in seeing the responses we’ve gotten, and we wanted to share some of them with you. Thank you again for your continued prayers and support.


“It’s 60,000 square feet of exhibits are often stunningly designed.” (May 24)

“[T]here are some extraordinary fossils at the new Creation Museum.” (June 4)

—The New York Times culture/museum critic Ed Rothstein in two different articles


“We live in Texas. We attended the pre-opening: 1,100 miles and 17 hours of driving! It was worth every mile!

“The Museum far exceeded our expectations! We were so incredibly blessed! We want to visit again soon! We tell everyone that we encounter to consider a trip to the museum this summer in their vacation plans.

“My husband is a senior aerospace engineer at NASA. He had a full workload ... but our family just could not miss the pre-opening!!! WE HAD TO ATTEND!


“We pray for the staff each day. Thank you and God Bless!”

—B. T., Texas


“What a great accomplishment. [...] Thank you for deciding to select Boone County and northern Kentucky for the site for this fantastic facility.”

—Gary Moore, Judge-Executive of Boone County, the highest elected office-holder in Boone County


“The museum’s fossil collection is fantastic. Great stuff. Better than the collection in our [large] university. The crinoids are particulary impressive. I'm drooling.”

—Specialist in invertebrate paleontology


A journalist who is very high up at a major newspaper in Cincinnati (AiG’s “backyard”) told an attorney (who took careful notes; he also told us the phone call was not “off the record”) that in his view:

“[The people who operate the AiG museum] are no different than the skinheads and people who deny that the Holocaust happened.” He later repeated the comment. The attorney, after taking careful notes, then cancelled his subscription to the paper, especially noting that, in many instances over the years, the paper’s coverage was critical of the museum project.

AiG finds it heavily ironic that the museum has a prominent anti-racism exhibit in its Tower of Babel section.


“On the tourism side, it's going to be a great complement to what we have at Big Bone Lick State Park [about 35-40 minutes away]. I envisioned when I was here [a year ago] that every Christian school is going to have a field trip to the Creation Museum.”

—Sec. George Ward, Secretary of Commerce in the cabinet of Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher, speaking at the May 26 ribbon-cutting ceremony (Sec. Ward oversees the state department of tourism)


“The museum was absolutely outstanding! We've been telling everyone we know that they MUST see it. We even have a pro-life colleague from Germany coming to see it in July.

“We’ve passed out a few of those [brochures] of the museum to individuals; it's helped to demonstrate the professionalism of the museum.

“The staff and I at Life Issues Institute would like to more fully promote this ‘jewel’ in our midst!”

—Brad Mattes, Executive Director of the pro-life ministry Life Issues Institute, Cincinnati, OH


“The Creation Museum is spectacular! I’ve been a Christian for many years, but this museum has strengthened my faith. Visitors won’t leave untouched after touring this museum.”

—Zig Ziglar, best-selling author and speaker



—Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association


“My wife, two of my girls (ages 12 and 15), and I visited the Creation Museum yesterday.

“I must say the museum far exceeded my expectations. The state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge high-quality presentations and displays are the most effective communication of the gospel and creation I have ever experienced. My kids loved it as well.

“We all came away in awe of God's creation and the trustworthiness of God's Word. Already we are making plans to bring friends for another visit soon.

“Thank you for your commitment and dedication to making the Creation Museum a reality! We intend to become Lifetime Members.”

—D.D., Indiana


“I just want to let you know how thrilled I am at the opening of the Creation Museum. Finally we have a place to take our children that we don’t have to worry about the message they are hearing. We can rest assured that they are hearing the truth, the truth that we so firmly believe in.

“It has also been an eye-opener for us. I enjoyed all I’ve learned about the dinosaurs.

“We signed up for the five-year [museum membership] and have already been twice -- and are planning another trip for this Saturday. Our guest passes have been reserved for the next several weekends by friends and family, and the list is growing.

“Thanks for choosing this area ... from one thrilled family hoping to share in our excitement with others.

—P. F., Ohio