Guest Services Update

by Creation Museum on May 19, 2007

If you have been a frequent visitor to our site, you have read about many of the wondrous ways God has called people to come and be a part of bringing the Creation Museum to reality. Every artist, designer, landscaper, writer, tradesman, craftsman, painter, planner, housekeeper, cook and manager has a unique background which God used in their lives to prepare them for the important task they were born to do. As the eagerly anticipated opening day approaches, these folks have been working extra long hours.

While this talented group is working diligently, they realize that as areas of the museum are completed, their work is coming to an end. I’m sure they have bittersweet memories of hard labor given in service to our Lord and how it has all come together. And yet another group is looking forward to a new beginning, our Guest Services staff.


Guest Services has grown from one manager and a handful of staff to two managers and over 70 staff. Most of the new Guest Services staff began April 30th with a full week of inspirational training. When that week was behind them, the new staff was eager to get into the museum.

It was wonderful to get the opportunity to watch the faces and hear the comments of the new staff as they experienced their first walk through the museum! They were excited to learn about the roles they would play in serving our guests and building God’s Kingdom.

God has been faithful and has sent caring, talented people to be a part of the Guest Services staff at the Creation Museum. We know our goal here is to provide excellent service to our guests and to our Lord, for His glory. We are now looking forward to meeting you, and making your visit a memorable one.