"Men for Missions" Returns to the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on April 25, 2007

Men for Missions Team Leader Wayne Camfield wrote this article about his group's recent volunteer work at the Creation Museum.

Men for Missions (MFM), a Christian service organization from Hampton Park Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, returned to the Creation Museum to build outdoor decks. In two weeks, from March 29 to April 7, the 29 team members built over 4,000 square feet of decking platforms and installed most of the deck boards on four separate structures. The Brazilian Ironwood was a challenge, but hard work and good tools cut the wood and drove the fasteners.

Visitors to the museum will appreciate the nature trail around and over the three to five acre lake. A wide variety of flora along with six bridges (four of which were built by MFM in 2006) makes the trail spectacular and absolutely beautiful. When fully completed, the four decks will add much to the grounds. Picnickers and groups will enjoy the four large shelter houses. Romanticists will love the pergola framing the cascading waterfall and the double gazebo positioned on a deck over the water.

MFM team members came from South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and Arizona to live in the AiG mission guest house for two weeks. They enjoyed the work, fun, food, and Christian fellowship. There were times of Bible reading, singing Gospel hymns, and sharing of testimonies focusing on Jesus Christ; the central theme of the Holy Scriptures and the Savior from sin for all who will place their faith and trust in Him.

As work progresses on the Creation Museum, it is easy to understand why the museum was listed on as one of "2007's 12 most intriguing new things." Don't miss it!

Thanks for reading. Please continue to pray for the museum project - our Grand Opening is just one month from this week!