Membership Update

by Creation Museum on April 13, 2007

Hello there, Elaine from memberships here. Can you believe that it's just 7 more weeks before we open? May 28th is our target date. Things around here are really jumping - so are our memberships. We are now up to 8,125. Praise the Lord for all of your help! Remember, Charter Memberships will no longer be available after May 25th. As I go around the museum there is so much going on... Right now, we have 45 miles - yes, I said 45 miles - of new wiring being installed over our heads! There are so many wonderful things going up all around us, and there are some things that you would never think we had to do! For example, all the artificial flowers are being fireproofed.

Our Special Effects Theater is coming together beautifully. The nearly 200 seats are being installed right now. We will also have three screens for your viewing. Your experience here will be shocking!

Our new Nehemiah Room is also coming along, some of us will be moving into it. Trying to find more space around here is a real challenge. As you can see we still have some work to do. The café is also undergoing some changes, including a new deck outside. From this view you can enjoy our grounds that Tim and his crew have made so beautiful. All in all I would say we are very, very, busy, not to mention all of our artists working so hard to get everything finished. Please pray for us, and pray that the Lord would be first and foremost in our thoughts and lives as we earnestly work to get completed. Hope to see you soon at the Creation Museum, we really do praise the Lord for you!!!