Biblical Authority Room

by Creation Museum on April 10, 2007

Why Start with God’s Word?

As you enter the Biblical Authority Room, there is a series of five images that show life’s big questions. These images are the same ones previously seen in the Starting Points Room. The verse indicates that, if you start with God’s Word, answers are available to help us make sense of the world.

God’s Word Offers Hope

A sign on the left wall as you enter the Biblical Authority Room reads, “For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope” (Romans 15:4).

God’s Word Is True

A variety of statements declare that the Bible is true and supported by fulfillment of hundreds of prophecies and archaeology. Above all, God himself declares his Word to be true.

Cloud of Witnesses

An inspirational video of numerous people reading selected passages of Scripture that testify to the perfections of God and his Word.

The Old Testament—God’s Word Given Through Prophets

Three key figures from the Old Testament, (Moses, David & Isaiah), each testify to the truth of God’s Word.

The New Testament—God’s Word Given Through Apostles

Peter and John stand next to the empty tomb and Paul is at his desk in prison, writing one of his epistles.

God’s Word Has Triumphed Against Every Attack

A large wall panel discusses how the Bible has triumphed against every attack throughout history. Categories covered are: First Attack: Question God’s Word; Attempts to Question; Attempts to Destroy; Attempts to Discredit; Attempts to Criticize, Attempts to Poison, Attempts to Replace, and The Latest Attack: Question Biblical Time.

This display gives an impressive account of how God’s Word has been attacked over and over, but has withstood every attack, and it will triumph against the most modern attack by believers in billions of years of time.

Scripture Alone

Scripture alone is the ultimate authority. Here you will see Martin Luther nailing a challenge on the church door. You will also see that the church upheld the biblical view of time throughout most of history.

We Have God’s Word in Our Hands

See a display case that will display a medieval Greek New Testament and a Torah that is several hundred years old, to other old and rare displays.

Gutenberg Press

A replica of the Gutenberg press will be on display. The Gutenberg Press was one of the instruments used to fulfill Christ’s claim that his Word would be spread to the ends of the earth.

Scripture Questioned

Here, you will see a timeline depicting some of the key people in the past 400 years who opened the door to questioning and finally abandoning God’s Word. The exhibit starts on a high note, with Martin Luther who stood firmly on Scripture, and descends to Charles Templeton, an evangelist who later renounced his faith and wrote a book against God.

God’s Word on Public Trial

See a scene depicting the famous Scope’s Trial and watch a video of actual coverage of the trial back in 1925.

Farewell to God

Meet Charles Templeton, an evangelist contemporary with Billy Graham. Later in his life, he was influenced by secular views of time over billions of years and the naturalistic teachings of evolution. In the end, he abandoned his faith in God and authored the book, A Farewell to God.

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