by Creation Museum on April 5, 2007

If you’ve been a frequent visitor to our blog, you’ve seen many images from our museum, which hopefully have helped illustrate the quality our guests will experience. We’ve even had some video blog entries for you.

Well, today, we thought we’d give you an alternate method of previewing what you can expect when visiting; an audio snippet. By clicking here, you can hear a rough cut of the audio from one of our Stargazers Room Planetarium shows.

A few notes about the recording:

*The dialogue is taken from the actual transcript you’ll hear in the museum, although it is not the final edit. The recording is taken from the audition tapes which several museum team members reviewed and gave feedback on before making a final selection for the “voice” of the Stargazers Room.

*The narrator you hear is the actual person we have contracted to record the show, so you’re getting a pretty good representation of how the show will sound, although again, this is not the final edit.