Eight Weeks and Counting

by Creation Museum on April 2, 2007

That’s right! We are only eight weeks away from our faith target date of May 28, 2007.

Every Monday, the leadership in the museum arrives very early for a special staff meeting to keep Mike—our VP of Museum Operations—abreast of all that is going on in the various departments (this is also a great time for a “big picture” overview for the entire leadership). He started and ended today’s meeting the same way, by saying: “Oh, by the way, did anyone realize it was April 2nd?” It generated a chuckle around the table, because we all understood where he was coming from. There’s a lot left to do, and the clock is ticking!

As you might imagine, everyone is juggling different projects to prepare for opening day. For example:

  • Operations is preparing for the hiring/training of the front line museum team.
  • Events is putting the finishing touches on all the grand opening activities.
  • Sales is scheduling groups for tours of the museum once it opens.
  • Creation Evangelism is rounding up its team of workers for the many questions we hope to have following the main tour.
As busy as these departments are, our Design and Fabrication departments are working long, meticulous hours preparing all the displays, A/V presentations, and all the accompanying aesthetics to the Creation Museum experience.

Please continue to pray for our many needs in the Creation Museum; energy, creativity, and good organization are just a few of the things you can join the team in praying for. And of course, May 28 continues to be our target date—we need to continue to pray for a smooth approval process for occupancy, for all our remaining materials to arrive in a timely manner, and for the needed funds to continue to come in to the ministry.