Membership Update

by Creation Museum on March 7, 2007

As we get closer to opening the Creation Museum, people everywhere are getting excited. I’ve had lots of calls over the past couple of weeks from people planning their vacations around visiting the museum. Meanwhile we’re busy trying to finish construction and set multiple pages of policies for the museum. We’re trying to anticipate every question or issue that may come up when floods of people begin to pour into the building in May. I’m sure there will be issues that we haven’t thought of on that day, but we sure are trying. We’ve met with some nice people from the Newport Aquarium and from the Cincinnati Zoo to pick their brains about what we can expect. It’s really been a nice way to make some friends and pique some interest of folks around here as to exactly what we’re doing out here past the airport.

On the membership front, we had a great number of people sign up in January, and February was better than expected too. It seems that lots of people who have been putting off getting their charter memberships are realizing that there isn’t much time left to do so. Charter memberships are available only until May 25th, 2007. After that you’ll have to settle for an annual pass, but like you’ve heard before, membership has its privileges. By the way, we are just about to cross over the 8,000 member mark. Praise God!

We’ve also been busy helping members make extra payments to get their memberships “paid in full” prior to opening. The Lord is using this along with donations received to help us finish construction. Please continue to pray for museum funding and construction and that many will come to know Him as they journey through the 7 C’s of History.

We hope you will be able to visit us sometime this summer, but if not, we should be around here in the fall, probably catching our breath.

In Christ,