Foggy Week

by Creation Museum on February 22, 2007

Here in the Greater Cincinnati area the weather patterns are unique in that one minute it can be very sunny and beautiful, but then the next minute a raging storm stirs up. As we shared last week, we had several snow/ice storms come through the area. Well this week the fog has set in – almost feeling like we were in London England. The visibility has been pretty low the last several days and as you can see there were times it was hard to see the museum through the fog.

Inside things are pretty clear – work continues! The fabricators and contractors have been working hard on the Biblical Authority Room, Noah’s Ark and the Ark diorama room. In the Palm Plaza the contractors have been installing the tile and it is beautiful – it really is changing the feel of this room. The contractors are also working hard on the Dinosaur and Dragon Legends Theater – they have been pouring footers this week. Later on today we hope to be able to share with you some photos of two of our dinosaurs being raised over a 10 foot wall into the upstairs area of the theater – it was really cool to watch them doing this.

The artists continue to sculpt and paint. The rock work is coming along nicely on the creation walk and I think the artists feel as though they are becoming a part of the rocks since they have been working on this so much lately.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.