Why should you be excited about being a Charter Member?

by Creation Museum on February 10, 2007

Because there will be so many things to see, it will be almost impossible to enjoy it all in one visit. You’ll want to take in the exhibits, programs and activities again and again - that’s why having a Charter membership is so valuable. Not only will it cover the museum admission so you can come as much as you’d like, it covers the admission for the Stargazers Room Planetarium as well. With free outreach passes that come with your Charter membership you’ll have plenty of opportunities to have the museum minister to your friends and neighbors!

Come for the day, experience the museum and all it has to offer. The Stargazer’s Room Planetarium, Special Effects Theatre, all the different videos that will be shown throughout the museum will enlighten you, you’ll hear things that you’ve never heard before, or hear them explained in detail like never before. There is the Six-Day Theatre, all the videos in the Wonders Room, the Creation Walk and all the animatronic figures, the Consummation Theatre, the Dragon’s Theatre, things that you’ll want to experience more than once. You’ll be so impressed that you’ll want to share this experience with loved ones and as an evangelistic teaching tool. You’ll want to dine in Noah’s Café and the Palm Plaza just for the atmosphere and the food is just a delicious bonus.

You’ll want to bring your camera, walk the trails through the peaceful gardens, and take pictures of the surrounding plants, waterfalls and bridges. Enjoy your lunch under one of the four pavilions surrounded by the beautiful landscape as you enjoy the soothing sounds of the water.

The time to sign up for Charter memberships is now before the museum opens; because once it opens we will no longer offer these special memberships. Having a Family Lifetime Charter membership is like giving your children a legacy of learning and experiencing the Bible first hand. It will also give them the opportunity to purchase Lifetime Charter memberships for their spouse and children so they can continue to pass this legacy on! Five year members have the option to upgrade to a Lifetime Charter membership or choose an Annual Pass when their membership expires.

A Charter membership can be a gift that keeps on giving. It’s an investment that gives you back more than you have invested, or a gift to yourself that’s worth more than anything you’ve ever bought before. You’ll be thankful that you seized the opportunity to become a Charter member.

Admission prices usually rise as museums expand and grow over the years. Just think how much more valuable your Lifetime Charter membership will be as it continues to give you access to the life changing message in the coming years. As an added bonus, because of your support, you’ll be recognized on our Charter member wall.

Join over 7,700 Charter members today!

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.