Warm images?

by Creation Museum on January 31, 2007

Looking above the skies of the Creation Museum, it really looks like it is warm outside, but as soon as you go out the doors you know that is not true. Even though the temperatures are in the 20s, the windchills make it feel like it is in the teens, work continues outside. The landscaping crew is working hard on a courtyard area right above the Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden. The outlook from this area is going to be breathtaking. Also along the nature trails three of the four picnic pavilions have gone up, or at least the steel structures are completed. It has been amazing to watch the guys put these up so quickly—three in one week!

Once inside you see all of the activity taking place throughout the museum. In the Biblical Authority Room, a contracted company is assisting us by building 3D images that are being installed in this room. It has been remarkable to see the white walls turn into color paintings overnight. Then the artists are continuing to sculpt animals for the exhibits. As many of us watch them sculpt these animals, we are awed by their talent.

In the Palm Plaza area, the newly designed Dragon Legend Theater is coming together quickly. This room was not even planned a year ago and now it is starting to take shape.

May 28 is coming quickly and all of us are looking forward to seeing the finished product along with you!

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.